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High Shear Mixer Granulator GEA AEROMATIC FIELDER PMA 65

Brand GEA Niro Aeromatic Fielder
Model PMA 65
Year : 1996
Machine description:

Capacity: 65litres

Agitator: 7,5kw / 40-400 rpm

Lump breaker: 2kw / 1500-3000 rpm

3x400V 50Hz 10kW / air : 6bars-10Nm3/h / water CIP : 3bars-3 m3/h


The automate and control panel has been replaced by GEA in 2009 (Siemens S7-300, touch screen and supervision under WinnCC)

Link to the producer: http://www.gea.com/en/products/high-shear-mixer-granulators.jsp
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