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FAQ - Frequently asked questions


How frequently is your website updated
Since we buy, sell and change listings daily, all items listed are subject to prior sale, withdrawal, or other disposition. Although Pharma Equipment has tried to collect and provide you with the most updated information on his site, Pharma Equipment has to exclude any warranty as to the quality or accuracy of any information contained in this website.

Newsletter ? How to subscribe / unsubscribe ?
Pharma Equipment sends newsletter with a selection of new offers. This is a free service and you can subscribe/unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to Pharma Equipment info@pharmaequipment.fr or use the subscribe/unsubscribe field available at the home page of this website. Your email address will not be sold to any third party.

Price of machine given is without VAT, EXW unless it is written on the offer.

Can I see the machine ? and can Pharma Equipment arrange the handling
We arrange site inspections and, following a purchase, we can assist our customer with the removal and transport logistics coordinating the sale to make it as smooth as possible for the buyer and the seller.